Daniel and Kirkus Invade Roanoke for 72-hour Effort

by Drew Daniel | 11/10/05

Drew Daniel and Darrin Kirkus, TYRF National Committeeman, drove to Roanoke, Virginia to assist the gubernatorial campaign of Jerry Kilgore. Daniel volunteered for Saturday while Kirkus volunteered all of last week, this past weekend, and through the Tuesday election. Both Daniel and Kirkus joined young volunteers all across the nation trying to elect Kilgore.

The Young Republican trademark is being involved with grass roots efforts to help Republican candidates for all levels of office get elected. Daniel and Kirkus were part of several Tennessee Young Republicans in Virginia to help fulfill the Young Republican mission. Darrin Kirkus was involved in efforts not only in Roanoke but also in Fairfax and Loudon County, Virginia. The Tennessee Young Republicans had tremendous representation in Virginia to assist the Jerry Kilgore for Governor campaign.