Message from the Chairman

October 11, 2009 Filed under: Uncategorized — Jeremy Durham @ 10:56 pm


It truly is an exciting time to be a Young Republican in Tennessee.  On September 12, over 50 delegates from across the state gave up their Saturday to attend our convention in Nashville.  The feedback from the convention could not be any better, and we owe a huge thanks to the Nashville YRs for putting on such a great event.


In the past week, the new officers have gone through transition mode. We are still working on getting all the accounts and lists transferred to the appropriate individuals but we’re almost finished.  I’ve spoken to almost every new officer about a plan for their position and I’ve been very pleased with what I’ve heard thus far.


We are also putting the finishing touches on starting the Tennessee Young Republicans PAC. We’ve drafted bylaws for the PAC and are prepared to present them to board members via email within the next day or so.  Once the bylaws are approved, we will file the appropriate paperwork to make the PAC compliant with the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance.


Many of our members are becoming involved in the race to help Pat Marsh become the next state Representative from district 62 while others are helping the next state Senator from district 31, Brian Kelsey, and some are even helping both.  Our organization is well-connected to both campaigns, and I encourage anyone interested in giving their time to let us know so we can put you in contact with them.  Both campaigns badly need volunteers, especially the Marsh campaign.

Marsh election date: Oct 13
Location: Bedford County as well as parts of Rutherford and Lincoln counties. (An hour or so Southeast of Nashville)

Kelsey election date: Dec 1
Location: Memphis and Shelby County suburbs

Keep in mind that a victory for Pat Marsh would mean 50 bonafide Republicans for House floor votes and would also likely tilt two or three of the dead-locked House committees to Republican control.  This scenario would almost certainly lead to more Republican legislation making it out of committee and reaching the House floor.  We would also stand a great chance at passing the legislation once it is out of committees due to the aforementioned 50 bonafide Republicans voting on the measures.


I’m still in the process of talking to the other officers about potential positions that may need to be filled, and I still need to speak with a few others who’ve spoken to me about helping in one capacity or another, but I’m prepared to announce the first two appointments for the 2009-2011 term.

Chris Rogers (Davidson) will serve as statewide grassroots director.  This role will include serving as chair of the TNYRs grassroots committee which will be composed of one member from each grand division and will determine in which races the state YRs should attempt to provide grassroots assistance.  Chris will also work with the regional directors as well as club chairs to ensure that the state YRs are making an impact on the ground in target races.  This will include recruiting YR members for organized walks.

Tony Youseffi (Davidson) will serve as statewide finance director.  This role includes serving as chair of the finance committee which will be composed of one member from each grand division.  The committee will advise the executive board on the most effective ways to generate revenue for the TNYRs and the TNYRs PAC, and will actively participate in fundraising planning as well as execution.

If anyone wants to help in any way, please let me know and I’ll find a place for you.


For those of you who were not able to attend the convention, I’d like to briefly explain where I’d like to see the YRs go in the next two years.

First, as with any organization, we must remain committed to growing our membership.  This is mainly a product of the efforts of local clubs and regional directors, but the state organization stands ready to help in whatever way we can.

Second, it is imperative that our organization becomes a grassroots force for Republican candidates.  Many state races are decided by only a few hundred votes.  Thus, one Saturday of work from a few dedicated volunteers can serve as the difference in many close elections.  Our organization must be willing to give our time to help Republican campaigns on a number of occasions if we truly want to make a difference.

Lastly, I feel that the establishment of Tennessee Young Republicans PAC will not only provide much-needed financial support to Republican candidates but also highlight the young professional talent in our organization and ultimately strengthen the network of our organization and its members.

I realize all these ideas will not develop into success overnight.  It will take hours and hours of hard work to accomplish; but I’m willing to help do that, and I hope you all will use your countless talents to make these things happen as well.  If we utilize the many resources we have, I’m confident that November 2010 will be a great time for our organization and for our party.

In Republican Service,

 Jeremy Durham

Tennessee Young Republican Federation, Inc.