Resolution Supporting “Yes on 1” Pro-Life Amendment Adopted by TYRF

Yes on 1

Considered at September, 2013 TYRF Convention in Murfreesboro; formally adopted at Fourth Quarter Board meeting in Sevierville, December, 2014

WHEREAS, the Tennessee Supreme Court wrongly decided Planned Parenthood of Middle Tennessee v. Sundquist in 2000 by claiming a fundamental right to abortion in the Tennessee Constitution; and

WHEREAS, the Court’s ruling makes it impossible for Tennessee voters and elected officials to enforce meaningful regulation of abortion in our state; and

WHEREAS, Tennessee’s Republican legislators and grassroots have demonstrated determination and effective leadership toward the goal of allowing the voters to decide whether such regulation and safeguards are appropriate; and

WHEREAS, passage of Amendment 1 is strongly supported by Tennessee’s pro-life leaders, organizations and citizens in the struggle to protect human life, and that a vote in the affirmative is a vote for life; and

WHEREAS, In the case of such importance it is not uncommon for citizens to look for leadership and guidance from their Young Leaders such as the members of the TYRF; and

WHEREAS, In the matter of preserving life and the sanctity that it holds, it is important to show our open support for the Pro-Life cause; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE 2013 CONVENTION DELEGATION OF THE TENNESSEE YOUNG REPUBLICAN FEDERATION, that we support Amendment 1, which is to be voted on by way of public referendum in the gubernatorial election of 2014.

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