by Drew Daniel | 12/29/06

Story link: http://www.statesfirst07.com 


Drew_tyrfThe States First ‘07 Team is proud to announce Drew Daniel of Tennessee as their candidate for Secretary. “From a State where we witnessed first-hand a great Republican victory in Bob Corker, Drew is an excellent addition to the State First ‘07 initiative,” Weingartner, Candidate for YRNF Chairman said. “As someone who maintains an up-to- date website, sends out a consistent weekly emails, to state and national leaders, and easily maintains an accurate database, the choice to lead the YRNF’s communication team is simple and that is Drew Daniel of Tennessee.”

“I am very excited to be a part of States First ‘07. I am impressed, not only by Jason’s tremendous achievements with YRs in New York, but by his principled commitment to making the YRs a stronger organization. Through his efforts in building a strong, vibrant YR organization in New York, Jason truly understands the importance of building strong state organizations to make YRs credible at the national level,” said Daniel of Tennessee. “I am excited to run on the States First ‘07 team as a candidate for Secretary. The Secretary has to invest long, hard hours to be successful – hours I have invested to strengthen the Shelby County YRs and the Tennessee YRs. My willingness to invest this time will help me to get the job done, as Secretary. Previously, as a TN State Officer, I have submitted reports to the YRNF Secretary, so I have a working knowledge of what it takes. I look forward to the challenge!”

Weingartner continued, “As a State Chairman, Drew recognizes that the YRNF should be an asset and not a burden to a State Organizations. Many of us have watched Tennessee flourish as a result of Drew’s leadership and I’m proud to have him as a partner in this endeavor.”

Go to the States First ‘07 web site, http://www.statesfirst07.com to find Drew’s bio and his list of supporters.