by Drew Daniel | 04/09/07

The Tennessee Young Republicans chartered three new clubs for 2007 at their meeting on Saturday, March 24th inNashville. The three new counties are Bradley, Fayette, and McNairy.

Bradley County, located in southeast TN just east of Chattanooga, chartered a new club. Bradley County is led by Adam Lewis along with Chris Weir. Bradley County is receiving tremendous help from Bradley County GOP Chairman Jonathan Cantrell, and they had two representatives present at the rechartering meeting. They also have a web site,

Fayette County/Southwest TN also chartered a club at the rechartering meeting. Fayette County is led by Barrett Rich, who has formed an upstart group with tremendous growth potential in the area. State Rep. Dolores Gresham has been very helpful in trying to a get a club going and has worked well with the new leadership, especially Barrett. McNairy County also chartered a club at the meeting on Saturday. McNairy County is led by Jeremy Blakely, who has formed a group of about 15 people in a county with a population of 25,000. Jeremy is the son of part-time Marsha Blackburn field representative and McNairy County school board member Johnny Blakely. It is great to see a club in McNairy as there has been no chartered organization there in over ten years.

Overall, the Tennessee Young Republicans can see tremendous growth potential as there are efforts to charter an organization in Anderson County, Madison County (Jackson), Sumner County, and southeast TN. Young Republicans are working to set up clubs in upper east TN (Cocke, Greene, and Hamblen Counties) where there will be a target in ousting State Rep. Eddie Yoakley. Also, there will be an effort to set YR clubs in counties in Mike Williams’ state senate district. Williams turned independent over a week ago, and having forces on the ground in these counties can elect a Republican to the seat!