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A “Young Republican” is defined as a Republican between the ages of 18 and 40. A Young Republican club serves to organize YR’s and to prepare it’s members for leadership in the Party and in their communities. Any member of a chartered YR Club is a member of the Tennessee Young Republican Federation, Inc.

Joining your local club

Most of the major metropolitan areas of our state have active YR clubs. Check the clubs page to get information on how to contact these organizations. Most of them have regular monthly meetings, an e-mail list, and several have Facebook groups or other means of getting involved. Join the TYRF Facebook group to get information on TYRF events, Club events, and TYRF board meetings.

Starting a club

The Tennessee Young Republican Federation is interested in having an active and productive YR club in each of Tennessee’s 95 counties. Our By-laws permit only one chartered club per county so please 1. Contact us and contact your regional director (West/Middle/East) and let us know of your interest. They will give you advice on what to do to get an organization going or get you in touch with others in your area. 2. Invite and recruit other young Republicans in your county to join a YR club. Contact your county Republican Party for assistance in finding interested persons. 3. Once you have ten persons interested in membership, you are ready to Charter your club with TYRF. Requirements for Chartering

4. Once you have submitted your information, then the TYRF Board can Charter your club. Each year in March we have a Rechartering meeting at the Tennessee State Capitol for the purpose of Chartering and Re-chartering clubs from around the state. During the rest of the year, Charters may be issued by the TYRF board at its quarterly meetings or passed via e-mail.